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Site Updated 21 December 2010

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Since our last site update in 2006 life have moved on considerably. Our first major event covering the last three years was the loss of our Pets. Stonie, our Border Collie, (age 10) in Nov 2007, Whitney one of our cats in Feb 2009 (aged 19) and her son Barnaby (aged 19) in Jan 2010 who had been ill for two years. We are now pet-free and when the time is right will be looking to get two Border-Collies.

In the meantime we continue to enrich our lives with new friends through camping, including spending time (at home and away) with Ann, Alan and their friends Nigel and Gill - a crazy bunch!!

In 2010 we also celebrated 20 years together. While we have discussed the Civil Ceremony we couldn't agree on the size of party we wanted so have shelved this.

The house has also undergone full internal decoration and refurbishment finally finishing in a solid wood floor to our through lounge, an eight seater dining table and chairs, along with a new coffee table and lamp-tables to match. Gallery 3 has been updated, replacing pictures the pevious owners decor.

The Garden has also had two landscaping projects since our last update, including a new Koi Pond (10ft x 7ft x 4ft) with a pegola style roof.

Following the upgrading of our Pond we lost the majority of our Japanese Koi, with the exception of a handful. While we have replaced some of these we have also added Tench, Orfe, Rudd and Goldfish.

We last posted the purchase of our Pennine Pathfinder (2006) with our plans to go up Ben Nevis in 2008. We didn't get to Scotland in 2008 for two reasons, one the weather; and two we embarked on an application for the Camping and Caravanning Club Leaseback Franchise. While the club said our application was 'refreshing and extensive with a good sound knowledge of the industry' the Banks Crashing the Financial Market resulted in the CCC withdrawing the Leaseback Franchise. We're still planning on making the lifestyle change but will have to wait until the market settles and we are a position to do a Freehold acquisition, at which point we will reconsider the franchise, or go it alone as our reserach has shown it is financially viable to run a site without the club.

In September 2010 we sold the Pathfinder in favour of a new Sprite Alpine 2 Tin-Tent (Caravan), inspired by family (Ann et al) and friends with Caravans: .

As a result of the time lapse since the last update to our site we have implemented a major overhaul including updates to our Individual Home Pages and Journals, changes to the Galleries with pictures deleted and added to all Galleries.
OUR PLANS - 2010 >>>>>

We have changed this section from the log of 'recent site updates' (additions and removals) as these were not as frequent as planned when building this version of our home-page and think a comment on our future plans will be less time consuming and hopefully more accurate.

Our camping ethos has not changed since our tent days prior to 2006, our need for less work, more luxury, greater pleasure and a never ending season has, as well as our desire to camp abroad, something we would not do in a tent or the Pathfinder. Hence we've booked our first UK winter holiday in the Caravan, and are also planning to conquer Ben Nevis and tour Scotland in 2011, in addition to our first Caravan holiday in France.