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My Name: Stephen Stratton
Age: 43 years (23 at heart)
Marital Status: In the eyes of the law I would be labelled as "single". I firmly and strongly believe that after over 20 years of being with my Male Partner; the strength in our Love and Commitment is by far a Stronger bonding than any piece of paper could give us confirmation of. The Love and Devotion that exists between us will see us Celebrate our 21st year of togetherness in 2011. So I would say that we are United as One.
Residence: East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Occupation: Information Systems Officer
Religion: I am an evolutionist and don't believe there is any credibility with creationism. I have my beliefs in recinarnation and partly believe in the Buddhist Samsara, but do not feel the need to practise any of my beliefs.